Resolution Timeshare Cancellation is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any timeshares that you cannot help me with?

 Yes. They are Club Land'or, Massanutten, and Disney. 

Is there a chance that my timeshare will release me without my having to hire a cancellation firm?

Yes. Some timeshares do have exit programs, but most of these programs exist for the purpose of encouraging timeshare owners to keep their timeshares. If that doesn't work, they give owners  false hope by suggesting that they sell their timeshare (if your timeshare had any tangible value, then your timeshare company would buy it back for a dollar and resell it themselves). 

The people who operate these "exit" programs are just as crafty as the ones who got you into the timeshare in the first place. Do not allow an exit program to scare you away from a legitimate cancellation firm. The only exit programs we fully endorse are Wyndham's Ovation Program and Marriott's Deed-Back program. 

Why is your flat fee lower than most other firms' negotiated fee?

We're a family-owned boutique cancellation firm. Our job is to get you released from your timeshare at a reasonable fee, not become rulers of the universe. 

Why the mountain ranges? The other cancellation companies feature ecstatic middle-aged couples who look like they just got released from their timeshare.

 We're not like other cancellation companies. Besides, the mountains make our site look kind of majestic, which is how we feel when you get released from your timeshare - kind of majestic. 

Why should I choose Resolution?

Resolution is made up of industry executives and founders of some of the most respected cancellation firms in the industry, with over 27 years of combined experience. Add to that the 50-year tenure of our legal counsel, the 12 years of public service work done by our CEO for the non-profit sector, plus the 21 years experience of our credit protection specialists, and you'll find the true extent of our reputation and experience exceeds the most established of cancellation companies.  

How long does the cancellation process usually take, and why does it take months, and not weeks?

Many cancellation firms will claim an average of 6 to 10 months. The realistic answer is 10 to 14 if you have a mortgage to be disposed of. With a paid-off mortgage you're looking at substantially less than that, and sometimes, if the stars are aligned just so, you can be out in a matter of weeks. 

The process takes several months because your timeshare needs that time to attempt various maneuvers to keep you locked in (don't worry - we're ready for them). When they finally take it back, they simply re-sell it to some other poor unsuspecting soul, and write off the whole affair on the following year's tax return.

They're very clever; but so are we.